I Messed It Up

So you just bought yourself a new decal, waiting so patiently for it just to mess it up when you put it on.

It happens. The wind caught it right? That's what we say too when people point out the missing letter or that fat bubble. 

Here's what we can do:

  1. Email us a photo of the messed up decal along with your confirmation receipt and order number.  sales@Vinyl-Unlimited.com 
  2. Make the email subjected "I messed up"
  3. If you bought the "I Messed It Up" insurance we can replace the decal for half the price it cost. 
  4. Once We receive the email, we will send you back a code allowing you to rebuy the decal for 50% off. (One time Deal, 30 days to redeem)
  5. We encourage you to click "How To Install" and follow the steps very carefully. For bigger decals, two people is highly recommended.
  6. Enjoy your decal a second time! :)